Ch. Anchor's And ML's Northern Light

In Loving Memory Of Boomer - 1996-2008

Boomer was one-half of our magical "Boomer/Petra" combination. We did this breeding 3 times and the puppies just kept getting better. All of the puppies grew up to be the base with which our current lines are built. They all exemplify the traits and characteristics we strive for in our line - soundness, balance, smoothness, head/eye and expression, health and that "extra special" inexplicable air of quality that puts them in a class by themselves, just as he was.

(L-R) Boomer, baby daughters Cara, Lily & Capri, mother Petra in front.

I fell immediately in love with Boomer the first time I saw him. It was while watching the 1999 Westminster Kennel Club dog show on TV where he had won Best Of Breed there that year. I had never seen the dog before as I hadn't crossed paths with his breeder/owner/handler Norm Randall at the shows he had been shown at. He had been quickly finished, then "put away" as a well-kept secret until the garden. As soon as I saw him come up to judge Annie Clark, plant his perfectly straight front, look up and stand in a perfect 4-square stack, I knew at that moment I had to get to know more about this dog. He had it all. It had been so many years since I had seen a Boston look like he was having a great time at the Garden, unfazed by all the excitement, just "up" and ready to roll.

We all say that there are no perfect dogs - but I have been searching and striving for all my years in dogs to breed something great. In finding Boomer, I found the perfect dog. I could find no fault in his structure, movement, balance, soundness or personality. He was solid as a brick, and the picture of health and beauty throughout his life.

Boomer was one of the main dogs featured on Animal Planet's "Breed All About It" when they showcased the Boston Terrier breed. It's so wonderful that he will always be seen as a model for the Boston Terrier in the public's eye. I am so glad we have that video of him!

After Boomer retired as a showdog, his owners let him go live with their daughter and her husband and children about an hour away, so he became the total family dog for the rest of his days. He got to visit mom Marilyn and dad Norm often when the family got together. I am so glad he was able to spend his life within his family where he was so well-cared for and loved.

Boomer had the BEST temperament and personality of any Boston you'll ever meet - always calm and observant. If you watch the TV show "The Dog Whisperer", then you know who "Daddy" is. Boomer had a personality just like Daddy and every time I see Daddy, I think of Boomer - 100% masculine but at the same time gentle as a lamb. I never once saw Boomer's ears go down or be held back - he (and his ears!) were always "up". He loved to just sit and watch the things that went on in our home when he was here with us. He also smiled and passed the "smiling gene" on to all his girls and even his grandkids. Lily is our biggest smiler :-) What a special trait to have!

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with Boomer and even though he wasn't ours on paper, he was ours in our hearts..always a welcome family member. Every summer and even at other times of the year he'd vacation for weeks or even a couple of months with us while his owners went on their own vacations. Sometimes he'd visit even when his human family was not vacationing. I loved to pose him and his daughters together on our couch where I took many pictures of him and his crew here over the years. He took my breath away and I felt awe-struck every time he strode across my yard with his head held high, neck beautifully arched along with that flawless, smooth movement. That image will always be burned into my mind. No dog has ever floated across my yard quite like that.

The last time I had him here was for a couple of different stays during this past summer. Boomer had eyesight up until very recently, but it was improved when he underwent surgery to help his ability to see. I cared for him during some of his post surgical period this summer for a number of weeks. Thank you so much Debbie, Norm, & Marilyn for entrusting Boomer to me over the years. I was honored when all of you at one time or another said you would never trust anyone else to care for him but me.

Today (Nov. 3, 2008) is a very sad day because Boomer just passed away late this evening. I will never forget this "perfect" American Gentlemen, as he personified everything that a Boston should be. While we have some of his genes, we know there can never be another Boomer - he was one of a kind, and in him I felt that I had finally reached my goal of just being in the presence a perfect Boston Terrier - and what a treat that was! Love and kisses to you 'ma boy. Thank you to you and your human family for making my dreams come true!

Boomer was bred, owned and handled by Norman and Marilyn Randall, Anchor's Kennels. He was also owned, loved and cared for by Debbie and Glenn and their daughters Marilyn and Michelle. Our deepest sympathy to your family on the loss of the Boom.

Boomer's kids of ours:

Lily, Capri, Cissy, Cara, Hollyn, Nate

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