Welcome To Brindle Hill Boston Terriers

Welcome To Brindle Hill Boston Terriers
Home of Ch. Elite's Little Miss Revlon "Lily", Award of Merit
winner at the prestigious Westminster
Kennel Club dog show

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We have been showing and breeding champion Boston Terriers since 1973. We have puppies and adult dogs occasionally to qualified homes. We are not a kennel, but have a loving home environment for our dogs. None of our dogs eat commercial dog food, they all eat my own home cooking with supplements (more info here). This site provides resources for Boston Terrier breeders and owners with hundreds of photos of champion Boston Terriers and their pedigrees along with information on the breed. We're also home of the popular showbostons mailing list on yahoogroups.

Since 1973, our goal has been to breed show quality Bostons which are healthy, beautiful, and sweet tempered, matching the official AKC standard of perfection as closely as possible. We are proud that we are among the few breeders in the U.S. that have our breeding stock are registered with the OFA, CERF and AKC's CHIC databases as well as the Boston Terrier Club Of America as having passed all the major health tests for genetic diseases which may occur in the Boston Terrier breed. NOTE: In 2006, we have had all of our breeding stock DNA certified as CLEAR of carrying the gene for Juvenile Cataracts as per the new test being done in England at the Animal Health Trust. As far as we know, we are the ONLY breeder in the world who has sent in multiple samples to be tested, covering a whole breeding program. We hope more will follow. This is our assurance that we are breeding the healthiest Bostons possible. Additionally, we strive to keep the proper Boston Terrier head, eye & expression that is slowly disappearing from the breed as a whole today. I also have a special interest in Veterinary Medicine and the health problems of Boston Terriers (see below).

My interest for as long as I can remember was to show & breed Bostons. I have studied the breed intensely since I was 11 years old. I finished my first dog Ch. Commands Gay Specialty "Chris" when I was 14, and bred my first champion when I was 15 (Ch. Brindle Hill's Gryphon). I graduated from college, then got back to studying, breeding & showing Bostons soon after (first things first!). We have owned/bred dogs with wins at The Westminster KC, The Boston Terrier Club Of America National Specialty, as well as group placing and specialty winning ones. I have learned tremendously over the years, and still continue to learn more each and every day.

We usually have 1 litter a year, but some years we have no litters at all. The total number of dogs we keep is small. All possibilities are considered before a decision is made to breed one of our bitches. We take this responsibility very seriously. We utilize limited registration on dogs we sell that are not show quality, have annual CERF eye exams done as well as patella and BAER hearing tests on all of our dogs. We screen prospective buyers heavily. We are also members of The Boston Terrier Club Of America.

The goal of this web page is to help you become familiar with our dogs, utilizing photos and pedigrees so that you may build "living" pedigrees in your mind. We hope you find the information here interesting and hope that you will enjoy your visit through the pages of Brindle Hill history. We have had our site on the web since 1996.

We DO NOT breed or sell red, fawn, brown, all-white or other off-colored Boston Terriers. These colors are only bred and sold by unscrupulous backyard breeders trying to make money on unsuspecting buyers, calling them "rare" - but they are diallowed in the official standard and are highly undesirable colors. If show breeders ever got something like that in their litters, they'd fall over dead in shock.. PLEASE do not buy off-colored Boston Terriers - to do so is to create a hole so more must be bred to fill the demand. A Boston Terrier is either black and white, seal and white (NOTE: Seal is NOT red - Seal appears black but has a reddish cast in bright sunlight) or brindle and white - and ALL COLORS MUST HAVE BLACK NOSES, no other colors are acceptable. Click here to see pictures of off-colored Bostons.

As a courtesy to us as fellow web designers, please do not borrow code, pedigrees or images from this site without permission from the Webmaster. Thank you!

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  • To ask us further questions, you may e-mail us below. NOTE: I do not have dogs for sale very often, however, if I do, they will be found by clicking the above link (dogs/puppies for sale). The main purpose of this site is to share pedigrees and photos of the Boston Terriers that make up my line of dogs, not to sell dogs. If I DO occasionally have a dog for sale, none are sold "for breeding purposes only". They are either companion dogs on a limited registration OR spay/neuter contract, or if you qualify, a show potential dog. I have had to add this information as I have been getting too many people looking for inexpensive or give-away dogs, and if you take the time to peruse my web site, you will understand that those are not the type of Bostons I have been breeding & showing since 1973. Also, do not contact me if you are looking for dogs to sell or give to other people. Thanks for writing if you do!!
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