Brady is the sire of the 2011 BTCA National Specialty BOB winner who reached number 2 Boston in the country!

  • Normal Patellas

  • CERF clear Dr. Seth Koch

  • BAER tested bilateral hearing 6/2005

  • April 2006 - DNA tested by Animal Health Trust in England for hereditary juvenile cataracts
    AHT #BJ13 - RESULT: Clear (non-carrier)

  • OFA hips: Good

  • OFA Cardiac 8-28-08 (normal)

  • Spine normal as per OFA's evaluation (no hemivertebrae or other abnormalities - copy on request)

  • Trachea - normal - wide and well-defined. A nice wide trachea means excellent air movement with minimal stress on heart and lungs and no labored breathing, very important in this breed.
  • CHIC #33267. See all his registered health clearances here

  • Inbreeding coefficient in first 6 generations: 0.1%
  • Brady has been selectively bred on type and pedigree and we have had a very high
    proportion of show quality dogs from the few litters he has had as you can see below.

    Listing of Brady's litters:

    Litter #1 Born 4-10-05: Both puppies in litter finished (Frenchy and Cole)
    Litter #2 Born 7-25-08: Single Puppy litter, he finished (Hummer)
    Litter #3 Born 8-30-08: Two males finished in Canada and will be shown in the states (Bruin and Newton)
    Litter #4 Born 9-21-08: One female shown and finished (Sarah)
    Litter #5 Born 9-23-08: Single puppy litter, needs a major to finish (Booker)
    Litter #6 Born 11-9-09: Two males finished, Ch. Tam-Ra's Mega Millionaire (Regis)
    His brother also finished, Ch. Wy-Not's Importance of Being Earnest CD, RN, NA, NAJ (Ernie)
    Litter #7 Born 6-10-12: Ch. Elite's Noble Ties That Bind CGC "Jane" finished with 3 majors.

    Brady is a Cosmo and Hollyn son and is the result of 34 years of breeding the best of all my lines on his dam's side. Meet some of his kids below!

    Ch. Elite's Noble Ties That Bind CGC RN BN "Jane"
    (Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. x Elite's Golden Opportunity From Anchors)

    Jane was bred by me and is co-owned with my dear friends Thomas and Margaret Noble of Noble Bostons in New York City. She will be the foundation bitch for their line. Jane left us at 9 weeks and the Nobles have done a wonderful job training and caring for Jane. She has a zest for life that is unmatched, and is always up and ready for the next adventure, facing life without a hint of a worry, just like her dad Brady. She has given us a lot of laughs as she went from her silly puppy antics in the ring to the mature and sure-footed girl she is now. She stands out in the ring with a perfectly proportioned silhouette, her lovely carriage and movement around the ring and her great showmanship. She was recently awarded a nice win under Pat Hastings, a judge who has "written the book" on structure and movement. Jane also attends obedience training classes and hopes to compete in obedience trials in the future. She also added the CGC title to her name when she completed the rquirements for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, the RN title (Rally Novice Obedience) and the BN title (Beginner Novice Obedience). She is working on her CD obbedience title now. What more could one ask for? She is CERF, BAER, OFA, and DNA JC clear. Thank you so much Thomas and Margaret for doing so much for all aspects of Jane's life!

    (above) Jane taking the test for her AKC Canine Good Citizen Title.

    Jane completing her AKC CGC title

    Jane completing her AKC Championship title


    My mom holding Jane as a baby

    Jane at 1 week with her loving mom Bindi

    Margaret when she came to pick up Jane

    Meet Brady's champion son "Ernie" Ch. Wy-Not's Importance of Being Earnest CD, CDX, RN, RA, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ (I named him :-)
    (Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. x Ch Tam-Ra Sez I'm The One)

    Ernie showed 5 weekends from the puppy class earning both majors and a total of 13 points. He finished his championship in one more weekend from the 12-18 mo. class with a BOB. This amazing little guy also picked up 4 performance awards in 4 different venues within a year's time on very limited showing. Every time he entered a performance ring he qualified for a leg, often with top placings. He completed his Novice Agility title with 3 runs, 3 first places, 2 of them perfect scores. He completed his Jumpers title with two first places, 2 of them perfect scores, and one second place. He completed his Novice obedience title with 3 runs also, placing in each, one as the high Non Sporting dog in trial, and another as a tie for High in Trial. His rally title was nearly the same. He's amazing and will now head for higher levels. All this thanks to the wonderful loving care and training by owner Kathryn Currier. Kathryn says she is delighted with his great attitude and willingness to please. He is now training for Utility. By the end of next year (2015) she hopes to add his RE and UD plus AX and AXJ if she can keep up with him! Ernie is the "total dog!" CERF, BAER, OFA, Patella, DNA JC clear by parentage.

    Here is Ernie's brother GCh. Tam-Ra's Mega Millionaire "Regis"
    (Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. x Ch Tam-Ra Sez I'm The One)

    Regis is a top 2 Boston after a lot of nice wins at the CA shows including going BOB over 238 Bostons at the prestigious BTCA National Specialty in Reno, Nevada April 2011!

    Regis took to the ring like a pro and finished at 11 mo. His smooth body, excellent structure, unwavering topline and showmanship to burn took him to the head of the line! He had several BOB's to start his specials career with. His National win was HUGE for Regis and his dad Brady is VERY PROUD of him! BAER, CERF, OFA, Pre-lim Cardiac Clear, JC CLEAR by parentage.

    Meet Brady's Son Ch. Anchor's And Tarbay's Elite Humdinger "Hummer"
    (Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. x Ch Anchor's Tar Bay Nautical Storm)

    Hummer started is show career at 6 months winning at the BTC of NY specialty Westminster weekend for a 4 point major Feb 2009 just as his dad Brady had done 4 years ago. He then got his second major (5 pts) at the Metropolitan Washington BTC May 16, 2009. The next day he went BOW/BOS for his 3rd major (4pts). Hummer finished his championship with a 4th major on June 27, 2009 at the Southern Maryland KC show. He was only shown at specialties (BTC NY, BTC MD and BTCA) until this last major which was an all-breed show. Hummer proved he was a hands-down favorite just like his dad was!

    Meet Brady's Son "Tam-Ra's Elite Rock Star" "Booker"
    (Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. x Ch. Tam-Ra Sez I'm The One)

    Booker is Brady's smallest son - he's about 11 lbs - but you'd never know it! He has goods substance and breed type, plus his face looks just like his daddy Brady! He has the most happy, "up" disposition and is ready for the next new adventure (also like his dad!) He just needs a major to finish.

    Booker's first match

    Meet Brady's Canadian Sons:

    Can. Ch. BigRock N' Elite's Deal Me In "Newton"
    and his littermate
    Can. Ch. BigRocks Elite Hip 2 B Square "Bruin"

    (Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. x Ch. Legends Red Hot Chili Pepper)





    Puppy boys

    Newton and Bruin finished their championships quickly in limited showing. Both have been shown together, and when one went WD, the other was reserve with good sized entries. Thank you Tammy and Jen for doing such a good job with the boys. We hope you can make it to the states to finish the boys here!

    AND here's a new champion Brady DAUGHTER!

    Ch. Tara's Everyday Situation "Sarah"
    (Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. x Ch Tara-JP's Everyday Is A Holiday)

    Sarah is owned, co-bred and shown by Barbara Grizlo.

    Ch. Chaseland's Wellona Weltona - a Brady great-granddaughter via Cole (see below).

    Her mom "Dee Dee" is a dead ringer for Brady's mother Hollyn (Dee Dee is a Cole daughter, and Cole is out of Brady)

    Brady's daughter Ch. Chaseland's Parisian Charm "Frenchy" (Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. x Ch Chaseland's Tammy's Charm) wins BOB at the prestigious Kennel Club of Philadelphia! This was only her second time out as a special, and she was pulled out for the final cut as well! This show is televised as the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving day on NBC. We were very proud. Her first weekend out, she went BOB and got a group 3, so she is well on her way to a great career.

    Click for video

    Click for video

    Click for video

    Below is Frenchy being shown at the Metropolitan Washington Boston Terrier Club show, May 2007.

    Meet Brady's son Ch. Chaseland's Cameron Cole
    (Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. x Ch Chaseland's Tammy's Charm)


    Cole can't stand wrong! He is a smooth, beautifully balanced dog
    with well-laid-back shoulders and that ever-elusive "breathtaking"
    profile! He is his dad in miniature.

    ~ Specialty Win! ~


    Cole entered the ring for the first time at the Boston Terrier Club of
    Maryland on April 15 and walked out with Winners Dog for a 4 pt.
    major under long time judge William Bergum! He then got the only Award of Merit given!

    Here is Cole's breeder/owner/handler Chad Howard with Cole.

    Here are some more Brady puppies!

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