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Ch. Elite Good Taste And Decorum
Breeder/Owner: Brindle Hill Bostons

In loving memory of Theo who passed away April 16, 2004 from adverse effects after being given the ProHeart 6 (the 6 month heartworm shot made by Fort Dodge). The drug name is moxidectin. He was not in our care when he received this as our vet will not carry this dangerous shot. After he got sick and the person who had him could no longer cope, we brought him back home and cared for him for a year after the vets told us to put him down and that there was no hope. ProHeart 6 caused neurological and eye damage to Theo and this caused him to age very quickly. Without steroids, he spun in circles constantly and had severe pain in his head from swelling of the brain. But the consequences of the steroids were infections and it was a balancing act of drugs, persistance and loving care that got him through many crises. We helped him to have a decent quality of life even with his disabilities he suffered for the past year.

Sept. 3, 2004 Proheart 6 has FINALLY been pulled from the market - YAY!! Read the full info on FDA's site:

Click here for the latest FDA information

Fort Dodge also makes vaccines that have a very high number of adverse reactions when given - I have almost lost 3 dogs to their vaccines, and people I know who have bad reactions correlate to those using the Duramune series vaccines made Ft. Fort Dodge. Before you make an appointment for your dog's next vaccine, inquire at the vets office as to what brand of vaccine they use. If they say they use Duramune or Ft. Dodge vaccines, DO NOT LET THEM GIVE THESE TO YOUR DOG. Find a vet who uses a different vaccine (my favorite is the Vanguard 5 vaccine by Pfizer and the Imrab rabies vaccine by Pfizer) and go to him or her just for this brand of vaccine.

June 9, 2004 - FDA recalls certain lots of ProHeart 6. Read the details on the FDA site here. Unfortunately, this does not mean the drug is being pulled from the market - only that certain lots were ineffective. More info here:

March 2004 - The FDA recently inspected the facilites at Fort Dodge and found them to be non-compliant with the industry standards. Sterlity issues, lack of trained personnel as well as poor quality control of tablet sizes in drug mfg. - and more were found to be problems. Read the warning letter to Ft. Dodge on the FDA site here:

March 2004 - Please DO NOT allow your vet to give the dangerous Fort Dodge 6 month heartworm shot. If you search the net, you will find many, many stories of how animals have died from it. Here are some links:

Here are a couple of letters I received recently:

While searching the web for reputable breeders of
Bostons, I came across your site. I read about Theo's
death, which gave me chills. We had to put our Boston
to sleep last month. She, too, had had the six month
heart worm preventative. When I took her in for her
yearly checkup, she was already under agressive
treatment for Cushings disease. I expressed concern
over her ability to cope with any vaccine in her
weakened condition. She did, however, receive rabies
and the new heartworm shot. I noted a marked decline
in her health from that point on. She stopped
responding to her Cushings treatment, she had mental
impairment, and she developed a skin condition that
was deemed  a probable auto immune disorder, which
was horrific. I will continue to research this. Thank
you for your insight. I am sorry for your loss.


I just learned about your Web site while talking to someone about ProHeart 6. First, I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved Theo. He sure was a beauty! I lost two of my three dogs to one shot of ProHeart 6. My third dog's immune system was affected. I have been speaking to people on-line about this drug for almost two years now, and because of that, we decided it was time to start a Web site, which I encourage you to visit. It's Through CAPS, Companion Animal Protection Society, we've been working with the media to get stories out about ProHeart to the public. We'd love for you to link to our site, even if it's just the "Press Reports" section. Thanks for speaking out about this killer drug and other vaccines. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Sincerely, Jean Brudd

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