Owners share their stories

Hello! We thought you might like to read about some of the families that have gotten Bostons from us. Our #1 goal when we breed a litter is to get show quality puppies - we breed for no other reason. My standards are high, so I do occasionally place very good quality puppies into pet homes. Many breeders would show these puppies and finish them. Since I am very particular, I have my own personal standard of excellence which means I keep only puppies who fall into the "mold" of my line, ie they are typical representatives of the line I have created.

Below you will find photos and stories from just a few of the happy owners of Bostons from Brindle Hill who "measured up" to our hopes of finding just the right home for some of our puppies or retired showdogs.

Ron, Erika, Alex, William & Eric D'Arminio, Succasunna, New Jersey


I can go on and on about the pleasures of having a Boston Terrier! Bogart is the perfect pet for our family of three active boys; Alex 10, William 7 and Eric 5. When my husband Ron and I decided the time was right for a pet, we started doing research on different breeds. We wanted a smaller dog but not a toy dog. We wanted a dog that can keep up with "three active boys". After doing quite a bit of reading on different breeds, we agreed that a Boston Terrier would be the right fit for our family.

Our first dog Talyor, a Lhasa Apso died 5 ½ years ago. We bought him at a pet store and did not want to go that route again.. This time we decided to go through a breeder. I would go on website after website, call many breeders only to find out that no puppies were available. Many breeders did not even return my phone calls. But I was not going to give up. There was a Boston out there for our family! Finally, one breeder mentioned Wendy and her Bostons having a litter of puppies in California (we're in New Jersey)! At this point, no state was too far. I called Wendy immediately that night. She informed Ron and I about her website and that yes in fact she had a litter of puppies. She screened my husband and I to make sure we were the right family for one of her puppies. She e-mailed video clips of the puppies and it was love at first sight. My family and I fell in love with those adorable little pups, but unfortunately, we could only pick one. After speaking with me, Wendy felt that two of the four puppies would be a good match for young children. So we decided on the one male, who we named Bogart or Bogey as we often refer to him.. Wendy also showed us pictures of Bogart's parents and supplied us with his pedigree. After a few telephone calls, all of the arrangements were made by her. It was effortless on our part as our little Bogey flew cross country! All we had to do was show up at the airport.


Bogart is a true companion dog. Wherever the action is, he is. He has a wonderful disposition. From all of the reading I have done on Bostons, he has a true boston temperament. He's fun, sensitive, curious and loves to chew, chew, chew on his toys! Bogey will also fetch a ball for you until your arm wants to fall off. He also loves to sleep on our laps, our shoulders and loooooooooves to sleep under the covers at night as we share our bed with him (we also had to get accustomed to his snoring). Bogart even enjoys his bath! Now how many dogs can say that! He even enjoys his outings to Pet Goods. In our home, he seeks out the sun and sunbathes. Give him a little sun and he is one happy dog. He is also very affectionate, he just gives kisses all of the time. I often tell people that I have four boys, because he is such an important part of our family. As I am typing this to you now, Bogart is at my feet. Usually, whatever room I am in, he is in. A true companion dog.

I understand that the Boston Terrier is becoming the "it" dog in the New York City metropolitan area. My children like to see all of the commercials that they are in, as they are becoming increasingly popular.

Ron and I say that maybe one day we'll get Bogart a Bacall, but for now we want him to be our only "baby". We would contact Wendy for that Boston, with her 30 years of experience and knowledge of the breed and her health guarantee, we knew what to expect and felt very comfortable with her. It was truly a pleasurable experience. I often refer to her website to keep up-to-date on information and any helpful hints that she may pass on. I also appreciate that I can call her at any time. Its obvious to us that Wendy truly cares about the breed and painstakingly place the dogs in caring homes. Hopefully, when our 'baby" grows up a little, we would love to welcome another one of her boston pups in our family.

Stephanie Poole, Ashburn, VA


I spent a lot of time looking for the right breed. I did research on Boston Terriers and found just what I was looking for! I ended up at the Brindle Hill website looking at these beautiful dogs. Delaina Once I contacted Wendy I knew the dog and potential owner were her top priority. She wanted to make sure we were the right fit. Wendy had sent me a photo of Delaina and I knew she was the doggie for me! Once they brought Delaina over to meet me and my two declawed cats, it was a sealed deal!

My family has always had dogs, Dachshunds, Shepherds, and Weimaraners. After reading up on Boston Terriers I knew all my past experience with dogs would come in handy, I was right! We have been through a lot together, Delaina and I. Having a Boston is a great experience. It’s like you grow together, you learn each others likes and dislikes as you go along. Bostons have a way of being so human, Delaina is no exception. Delaina is a loving dog and I had a great time training her, it did take some patience, but the end result is great!

Wendy and Joe are the best! They have a true love for the breed and I will always be in touch with them regarding Delaina and in the future I will look to no one else for my Bostons. Delaina and I are like two peas in a pod, she is the best dog I have ever had and I have Wendy and Joe to thank!

*Below are some video clips of Delaina doing all kinds of tricks that Stephanie taught her. These show how smart and trainable a Boston can be if someone takes the time to teach them.

*Right click over the picture, choose "save target as", choose a folder in your computer to save it in, download the file, then double-click to play it. Your computer may play the files directly if you have a fast connection simply by left clicking the photos. Movies are in .mpg format.

Here Delaina sits up and plays dead. (403k)
Here Delaina spins in circles. (491k)

This shows how she is so tuned into her owner
Stephanie she is - cocking her head and listening
intensely to everything Stephanie says. (769k)
Delaina "plays" the slot machine
by hitting the right spot on the
machine so the music starts to play. (875k)

Mark & Carri McGuire, Trabuco Canyon, California


Our second Boston Terrier Ziggy just turned one year old! She is our baby, and we adopted her in November 2003 after getting a referral to call Wendy from a list of Boston Terrier breeders that I found online. We already had Ernie who we adopted three years earlier from a different breeder, and were just waiting until after we bought our first home to adopt another one. It felt like a long wait. We talked to many breeders before we decided who to adopt our second puppy from.

After talking to Wendy, we knew one of her puppies would be a good fit for our family. She gave us information about the puppies she had available and told us about their parents too. She was honest and helpful and experienced. I could tell she was looking out for the puppies' best interest as well as helping us find a good fit for what we wanted in a dog. She sent us to Susan, a breeder friend of Wendy's who was raising the puppies from one of Wendy's females here in California. Susan was equally helpful on the phone, giving us more details about the puppy's personalities. We wanted a puppy who would play well with Ernie, but still let him be top dog. We met Susan and the puppies and fell in love with the little girl who we named Ziggy!


Ziggy is a great addition to our family! She is the perfect Boston Terrier - very intelligent, loving, cuddly and sweet, but also playful, energetic, and funny. She and Ernie are truly best friends, playing together, napping together, side by side all the time. When we talk to her she will do that Boston head turn, tilting her head from left to right for as long as we keep talking. She understands many English words and phrases such as "Do you want to eat? Come here. (She always comes.) Stay. Get the ball. Go get Ernie." (To which she gets the ball and takes it to Ernie to play with him.)

She has been very healthy since we got her, and has not had any problems. We had her spayed at the appropriate time, and she had a quick recovery. She has beautiful eyes and her coat is super shiny! We love her and are so thankful to have adopted such a healthy, fun, smart puppy. Thank you, Wendy and Susan!

Heather Chase, New York, New York


When I started looking for a dog to live with me in New York City, I decided on a Boston Terrier because they are small, smart, good-looking, and I was feeling nationalistic at the time, (this being an all-American breed). I looked online and found Wendy’s website. I ordered a couple of the books she recommended, and did my homework, because I knew that serious breeders want to know that you realize what you’re getting into. I found The Official Book of the Boston Terrier by Muriel P. Lee especially helpful. I then started contacting breeders. Wendy’s website said she did not have any puppies available, so I put myself on her waiting list.

My search was long and fruitless for several months. Most of the breeders did not return my phone calls, or did not have puppies available. I finally found a breeder, paid a deposit and bought all my supplies, only to hear later that my puppy had died. I was very discouraged, but I remembered Wendy’s website, which reflected genuine concern for both Boston Terriers and people seriously interested in owning them. I wrote her an email and asked for advice. She wrote me back immediately and told me that she might have a puppy available in a few weeks. She interviewed me about my lifestyle, profession, and dog-owning history. We spoke on the telephone several times so she could get a sense of my commitment to having a Boston Terrier and of my fitness as an owner. She also sent me a number of pictures of the puppy. Happily, she decided that I would be a good owner for Byron. I flew to Washington, DC at the end of summer in 2003 and picked him up.

As a puppy, Byron was mischievous — he liked to grab the end of the toilet paper roll and pull it into the next room. He also liked to pee on the rug, chase pigeons (much to my horror, he actually caught one in the garden outside Starbucks), and chew shoes. Now, at 16 months, he is housebroken and bored by toilet paper rolls, but he still likes to chew shoes and chase pigeons. When I first got him, I carried him everywhere in a mesh bag. The bag had stripes, which disguised the fact that was in it, so I was able to carry him into Starbucks, the supermarket, and other stores. He could see out, but only a very observant person noticed him. I think this experience helped to make him the sociable, unafraid dog that he is today. He loves people and other dogs, and is not afraid of loud noises and traffic. He is also a good air traveler. I have taken him on ten flights in a Sherpa bag with wheels, which fits under the seat. He is quiet and very good on board. At home, he rests at my feet while I work on the computer, and he always wants to be near me. At night, after I turn off the light, he crawls under the covers and puts his paws on my side.

A girl at the Washington Square dog run told me that, until Byron showed up, her Boston Terrier was the cutest, but she had to admit that Byron is cuter. The man I buy my newspaper from at Astor Place is very fond of him, as is the guy at the Mud Truck, where I get my coffee and a free treat for Byron. Even my dad, who believes that dogs should serve a purpose and only owns hunting dogs, likes him a lot. And a good friend and retired Army Colonel, who is no fan of small dogs, had to admit that Byron "has a lot of heart." He is lively without being hyper, is smart, and affectionate.

Apart from Byron’s qualities, which come from scrupulous breeding and loving care, a real benefit of getting a dog from Wendy is Wendy. Every time that I have worried about something or had a question, I had only to call or write an email to get her swift and knowledgeable response. I really appreciated this, since I am a first-time dog owner, and there are not that many vets who are familiar with Boston Terriers. Wendy is a true professional in a field where there are many charlatans. I am very grateful for her website, her guidance, and Byron.

Lorraine Forish, Rochester, New York

PJ "A few years ago, I was debating on whether I should get another companion for my Boston Terrier Brutus. Friends were telling me that he should have a playmate which would spice up his "senior years". I was on the fence about getting another dog, since he had been the "only" child for many years. I decided that I would research the breeders and try and see what was out there.

I looked on the internet and found many sites that left me cold. It was like they were in the dog business and these animals were put on this earth soley for their profit. This left me with chills. After all, I was not buying a dog, I was buying a loving companion for me and for Brutus. Then I came upon the Brindle Hill site, and I followed it for months. PJ I was extremely impressed with the fact that the dogs were displayed with pictures, there was a history of the breeder and there was detailed information on the breed itself.

I wavered back and forth and eventually came to the decision that Brutus would not be happy sharing the attention with a new dog at his age. Even though I decided to not to get a dog at that time, I continued to follow the web site on a weekly basis.

Brutus died at 13 years of age and I missed him very much. Being a teacher, I decided that if I were to get another dog, it would be in the summer when I could be home to bond and train the dog. One day when I looked on the Brindle Hill web site,it said that there were puppies available, and that they would be ready in July. I thought that this would be perfect. I quickly sent an e-mail, and Wendy responded immediately. We spoke many times on the phone. Talking with her, I realized that this breeder was VERY particular about where her "family" was placed. I was very impressed by this aspect.

PJ The more we talked, the more I realized that these were her "children" and that she was not going to place them anywhere she felt was not a suitable environment.

Wendy was pleased that I was familiar with the breed. We talked of our mutual love of the breed and the special bonding that is between an owner and their Boston Terrier. The more we talked, I realized that I would love either a puppy or a young adult dog. She told me of a young female that she would consider parting with if I were interested. She told me I could see her on her web site.

It was love at first sight. "PJ" was going to be my new love. She arrived safely by plane and the air freight workers fell in love with her. They even came into the pickup area to say goodbye to her. She arrived safely, but a little nervous since she had never been on an airplane before. When we got home, she explored her new kingdom. She quickly learned that she was surrounded by love and security. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. I am amazed at how easily she became acclimated to her new home. PJ

She is doing fabulous and is the hit of the neighborhood. As you can see from her pictures, she will "want" for nothing. Her whimper is my command. After all, what else could you expect, PJ is a Boston Terrier!!!

If anyone is thinking about purchasing a Boston Terrier, don't hesitate to contact Brindle Hill. Wendy's screening process is a tough one, but it is well worth the effort. Her dogs are raised with love and treated as family members. My dog arrived happy, meticulously groomed and her quality was beyond expectations. Wendy is the first person I would contact when it is time for another Boston Terrier. As I told Wendy, once you are owned by a Boston Terrier, there could never be another breed for you!"

Pat Shiels, Cleveland, Ohio

Bob, Pat & Boyd "I had been thinking about getting a dog, having always loved them (even thinking as a child of showing dogs, raising them or becoming a vet). I had gotten a mixed-breed for my tenth birthday and she was my life. I spent much time training her - we were buddies. Years later, as a mom with two elementary school-aged kids, I thought it was time for a dog in my life again. In 1985 I met my first Boston "in person" and I loved the breed immediately. He was a small, under 15 pound variety. It was hard to find Bostons locally and I finally found a breeder with a puppy for sale in Canal Fulton, Ohio, about an hour and a half from where I lived. We purchased this male Boston, and had him for 13 wonderful years - my husband a I were "hooked" on Bostons! Their nutty personality fits in with ours and their desire to please is endearing.

After putting our 13-year-old Boston to sleep in the spring, we waited a while before looking for another one. We had a couple of trips coming up that summer and figured a puppy not work out well at that time. So we waited til fall and our search began for a new dog. After a few weeks of looking for a puppy, we connected with the Brindle Hill website and it just happened that they were trying to find a home for a retired champion male show dog about 6 years old. We saw a picture of him and e-mailed Wendy, the breeder, telling her of our interest in the Boston she was selling.

While we were not originally looking for an adult dog, Boyd seemed like the dog for us. We had a few telephone conversations with her and e-mailed back and forth to find out more about him. Wendy was happy to hear that I work part-time a few hours a day with an elementary school lunch program and my kids are grown and gone. Our house was the right environment for an "only-child" dog. After having talked with Wendy, we realized she was a protective "mother" to her dogs and we might as well have been adopting a human child! That made us feel good - we were working with a person who really cared about her dogs and their prospective homes.

When we arrived at Wendy's home in Northern Virginia after an overnight trip from Ohio, I was very surprised to find the "kennel" was not a kennel at all, but a lovely home. We were invited into her home and talked in the living room which was like a Boston Terrier museum with the crowning collection displayed in a beautiful lighted cabinet in the dining room.
Pat & Boyd I thought to myself, "now here's a person who is as crazy about this breed as I am". The house was quiet and very clean, everything quite in order. Boyd came bounding out to see us and seemed so happy to be the center of attention. He was meticulously groomed and so beautiful and so friendly. I knew when I saw him he was the right dog for us.

Wendy had prepared a "contract" for us to sign securing the dog's future should anything happen to us and gave us a very informative booklet she had compiled about the care and health of the Boston Terrier breed along with her experiences in raising them. I have referred to it many times since we bought Boyd almost a year ago.

The Bostons from Brindle Hill are beautiful dogs, top quality and well cared for by a breeder who knows her dogs. I would feel lucky to own another dog from this breeder, knowing that it was raised with top-notch care by a person who has so much experience with the breed".

Fred Ludlow, Groton, New York

Tammie Fred and Coda We wanted to share our story about adopting Coda. Let us start by saying it is probably one of the best decisions that either one of us has ever made. Coda is a once in a lifetime dog. We would highly recommend Wendy, Joe, and their Bostons to anyone, site unseen.

We are Fred and Tammie. Our four children are grown and have lives of their own. We live in a rural community in upstate New York, close to Cornell. I am a machinist for an automotive firm and my work keeps me away from home a great deal. Tammie was a mortgage underwriter for a local bank, until she became disabled and was unable to type. She had always been a sociable person and then all of a sudden her life became home. Without any childern at home she became bored and lonely.

We had always talked about getting a dog, as we both had had dogs prior to meeting each other. We started looking at dogs on the internet. We found a site that you could plug in all the things you wanted in a dog. Boston Terrier was the most appropriate choice for us. During the next three months we searched and searched all the Boston sites. For some reason we kept ending up at the Brindle Hill site, and would read the stories about Wendy's Bostons. We knew she was the person we wanted to get our dog from.


We were looking for an older dog, as Tammie didn't have the strength to train a puppy. Wendy had placed one of her older dogs up for adoption and after much discussion we decided to write her and ask about her. Wendy wrote back saying we could call her. Tammie and Wendy spent a long time on the phone getting to know one another, and trying to decide if Coda would be right for us.

We drove 350 miles without hesitation, hoping that they would allow us to bring Coda home. By this time we had a picture of Coda on our desktop (which is still on our desktop today). Tammie had fallen in love with Coda and would have been heartbroken if we had not brought her home.

Coda's home was just that, a home. You would have never known that there were other dogs there. They made us feel like we were part of their family. It felt like we were taking one of their children. Coda was nine. Wendy had a very hard time letting Coda go. She cried, Tammie cried, but she let us bring Coda home.

Tammie Fred and Coda

Wendy made sure that we had every thing that we needed to start our new life with Coda. She and Joe, called several times the first few weeks making sure all was well. Anytime we needed anything or had questions they were there to help. It has been almost a year since we adopted Coda and we still e-mail back and forth.

As we said in the beginning Coda is the most wonderful dog that either one of us has ever had, or been around. She is very unique. Our Vet was surprised at how healthy she was and remains to be. She is now 10 years old. She is as playful as a puppy. She is so loving and affectionate. When she first meets people, her habit is to sniff their eyelashes. We call these butterfly kisses, and we both have always thought that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So, we believe she judges people this way. My other favorite habit of hers is when we walk towards her she raises her right paw as if she is trying to grab you with it. It is so cute and always brings a smile to my face. When our children come home for visits, they call her the princess, and lavish her with love. She eats it right up.

We both hope that someday we will be able to adopt another Boston from Wendy, as we believe you could not get a healthier or happier Boston anywhere.

Shane & Michelle Pase, Placentia, California

"My wife and I have owned a male Boston (Moose) for six years. We had some tough times with him urinating in the house and being destructive when we were not at home.

Aggie & family After several attempts with different trainers and vets (who wanted to put him on doggie Prozac to help ease his separation anxiety!), we decided that he needed a friend to play with. Since our male was fully grown we did not necessarily want the responsibility/expense of a puppy, so we started searching for adult dogs. Both my wife and I work (although I work out of my home) and aren't always home to supervise.

Our search started with Boston rescue services around California. We had very little luck in finding any dogs, let alone a dog that would be a suitable and healthy companion. We began to speak with multiple breeders around the country in search of adoption dogs. After literally hundreds of phone calls we were referred to Wendy at Brindle Hill. We began long telephone conversations with Wendy regarding her dogs and the adoption process (my phone bills can attest to that). She referred us to her website to gather the basic information to see if we were indeed serious about purchasing an quality adult Boston. After reading her wonderful website we decided that she knew what she was doing, and that we wanted to get an adult female from her.

Wendy began to gather information from us, kind of a feeling-out process if you will. She was very professional about it, but very thorough. She asked tons of questions about our home, lifestyle, care for our current Boston, our motivation behind wanting another dog, etc. She probed extensively into our dog and Boston ownership history. At times it felt as if we were interviewing for an adoption of a child. The entire process was professional and very friendly.

After Wendy felt comfortable with us, and us with her, she began to tell us about a 7 year old female that she thought would be a perfect match for us, our male and our home. She was very concerned that we were not purchasing/adopting a female for breeding purposes. We assured her that our male was neutered and that breeding was not our intention. She also informed us that she would not send a dog's papers until an owner had it spayed as well. This ensured that no improper breeding could take place.

We were fortunate enough to have her recommend her female "Agatha of the Orient" (look her up on her own page, she's our angel!). After hearing tons of details about "Aggie" and asking tons more questions we decided along with Wendy that she was the dog for us!

We made the arrangements with Wendy and decided to purchase Aggie. We live on the West Coast in California, so Aggie had to be flown here to us. Wendy was very very meticulous regarding the safety of Aggie's flight. She watched the weather on both ends for several days before investigating flight information. Once she found the safest weather patterns she booked the flight. She gave us very detailed information about the airlines and where to pick Aggie up. Needless to say my wife and I were very anxious to bring our new bundle of joy home.

The day came when Aggie was to arrive! We both took the day off of work - myself to prepare the house with new toys, extra food, a new bed, etc., my wife to pick up Aggie. Aggie came to us in a brand new kennel which was the perfect size for her. She came with everything you could have imagined; detailed instructions, food, tags, addresses, emergency phone numbers, a myriad of anything you can imagine to ensure her well being and safety. Wendy had also given us all of this information over the phone and by email prior to Aggie's arrival, she's very thorough like that!

We brought Aggie into our home and it took her about 24 hours to adjust. She was a bit cranky at first, but after a good sleep and meal she perked right up. Wendy had given us detailed instructions on how to introduce our now two dogs. It worked like a charm! In no time at all our two dogs were the best of buddies, side by side non-stop. Our female has become the alpha dog, and Moose is quite smitten with her. She is now the second love of our life and is an INCREDIBLE dog. The experience could not have been better. It was everything we hoped for and everything Wendy hoped for. I can say this because she calls for updates and is always very pleased with our reports.

It has been a true pleasure adopting a quality adult Boston Terrier from Brindle Hills Elite Boston Terriers and Wendy. She knows her stuff better than most others, and made this a wonderful experience for us and Aggie. Just ask Aggie, she (along with our male) is the most loved and spoiled Boston on the West Coast! We have loved this experience so much we are seriously considering adopting another dog from her."

J.T. Compton, New York, NY

JT and Buddy"I've lived in New York City for fifteen years and always wanted a dog, but working from seven to six every day left little time for me, much less a dog. Then, two years ago, I left my career on Wall Street to become a full time writer. After a long overseas vacation, I began researching different breeds. My apartment is relatively small, so I needed a small dog, but I didn't want anything dainty or fluffy (hey, I'm a guy!), nor did I want a working breed that would bark all day and tear the place to shreds. I wanted to find a breed that was playful but companionable. I've always admired the temperament of Pugs, but New York is full of them and they vary widely in quality and conformation. French Bulldogs are great companions and somewhat rare, but also quite mellow, like their Bulldog cousins. I wasn't sure what to get until a downstairs neighbor brought home a Boston Terrier puppy. He was a great looking dog so I decided to investigate the breed. I found that the Boston was America's first purebred dog, which appealed to my New England roots. He was never a working dog, always having been bred as a companion, so he had a playful but controlled disposition. And he was an uncommon enough breed that his pedigree had a lot of integrity and conformity.

I started searching the Internet for information and breeders and discovered an enormous Boston Terrier site with dozens of breeder links. I browsed through, looking for breeders with recent litters. I found several before I came upon Brindle Hill's page, and was immediately impressed. The extensive information Wendy presented about Boston Terriers was excellent, and her longevity and track record as a breeder seemed solid. I asked about available puppies and she sent back a picture of a male puppy who was ready for a new home. Through her website, I examined pictures of the puppy's parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, which gave me a good idea of how the little pup would look as an adult.

As I followed up and talked to Wendy on the phone, it was quickly clear that she cared very much about her dogs, and cared who they went to live with. She went out of her way to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into, both in general puppy terms, and in terms of the specifics of Boston Terriers. I decided to go ahead and the get the puppy, at which point Wendy sent me several of her own publications to prepare me for the puppy's new arrival, discussing in-depth the diet, toys and puppy gear appropriate for a little Boston. After the necessary preparations, I drove to Virginia for the pickup. I wasn't sure what to expect, but found Wendy and her husband in a nice, normal home (not a "mill" or a kennel). They had several Bostons and my pup, who was very well behaved. We talked for a while and took some pictures, then they gave me all the necessary paperwork and a few extras (like food, a collar and a leash) and I drove the pup back to New York.

Fortunately, one of the top vets in New York lives seven blocks from me, and is an owner of four Boston Terriers! I took the pup to see him, and he gave us a clean bill of health. He said my pup, Buddy, was a great looking Boston and he should know. We've been happy and healthy in the weeks since. Buddy is a fantastic little fellow, a real crowd-stopper in fact, and Wendy has been helped me with several questions that came up post-adoption. I appreciate her care and attention to detail, would certainly adopt from her again, and would recommend her enthusiastically to anyone looking for a Boston Terrier."

Clarence, Mary Pat & Michael Gabriel, Kingwood, Texas

Spuddie & family"Our search for a dog began when our eldest son Matt was almost ready to go off to college. Matthew is the oldest of our three sons, Matt (19), Mark (17) and Mike (11). Matt and Mike are inseparable. They spend most of their days together, and when Matt was ready to go to college, we became concerned for Mike... he would miss his big brother very much. So we decided to look for a dog for Mike.

We watched the dog shows on TV... and decided on an English Bulldog, but our research into Bulldogs showed they did not do well in the Texas heat. So we watched the shows again... and Mike fell in love with Boston Terriers. So off to the internet we went. That's when we discovered Brindle Hill Boston Terriers. And to say that Wendy was the most knowledgeable person we have ever talked to regarding Boston Terriers... would be an understatement.

She told us she had a beautiful dog named "Champion Special Spudsie Baileys Boy" for sale... but only to a special and loving family. Spud... as we have come to call him was 5 years old. We saw a picture of him in his glory days on the internet site... and Mike fell in love with him. So we decided to try and get Spud for Mike.

Spuddie & family

Wendy was VERY particular. She wanted to know about all of our family members. She wanted to know about our fence (because Bostons do not understand the dangers of running free, or what cars can do to them). She wanted a picture of our fence. She wanted us to understand that although a Boston would take the Texas heat better than a Bulldog... Spud could not be outside in the heat for more than 5 minutes. We told her we understood, and we understood why.

She sent us literature on Boston Terriers - what they could eat, what they could play with, etc., and it was all right on target, all very helpful to this day. Then, after a video of him, many phonecalls, checking and discussions... (she wanted to talk with every family member... we felt like we were adopting a child), Wendy agreed to sell Spud to us.

So sadly... (because she would miss him)... Wendy flew Spud to our home in Texas. He arrived frightened, but in great shape. He was clean and trim... and while he was older than his champion photos of course.... he was as handsome as the pictures we had seen him in. He immediately took to our family, and within a few weeks was right at home. What a beautiful animal he was... and still is. What a kind and loving little dog he is.

Spud has been with us for well over a year now, and he is the little joy of our family. Every member of our house, when first coming through the front door, first goes over to visit Spud to see how he's doing on his couch. Spuddie's house You see the living room couch is Spuds' castle - it's where he sleeps, and rests, and watches TV with the family.

Spud has the kindest, nicest spirit you could imagine. We all love and enjoy Spud... he is part of our family now... and we cannot remember not having him. He's Mike's dog, but in reality...he's just one of the boys. Wherever the family goes... he follows as part of the group.

Our strongest recommendation is... get your family a "Spud"... follow Wendy's advice to the letter, her words of wisdom on Boston Terrier are exactly perfect, and we still follow them today. Once one of these little Bostons show up in your home, you will be very glad you got one...and very glad you met Wendy, and followed her advice. We love our Spud!

Christine Smith and Tom Marabella, Danvers, Massachusetts

Higgins goes home"We are animal lovers in my family. When our family dog was put to sleep my senior year in college, it left a big gap in my life. Still, I wanted to wait until I was settled into a permanent home before choosing a dog. It would be five years before my husband and I bought our first house, complete with a fenced-in yard.

Shortly before we moved in, I began my research on what type of dog we should get. I knew I wanted a smaller dog, but I wanted to make sure it was a breed that would be good with children and good with other pets, since I have nieces, nephews, and siblings who own dogs. I didn't want an excessive shedder or a high strung dog.

Higgins with mommy My grandmother had had Bostons as a young woman, and I had seen many old pictures of them. I also had met a couple of Bostons I liked very much. (The Boston Terrier, coincidentally, is my Alma Mater's mascot.)

I went to the bookstore and looked through a book on picking the right dog for you. I was able to narrow down my search to a few breeds, including the Boston. I then began researching on the web about Bostons. It was there that I found Wendy's website. I bought two of the books recommended on her website and also e-mailed a local breeder with questions about Bostons. When I made my final decision that a Boston would be right for me, I began my search for a reputable breeder. I knew it was important to get a dog from a responsible breeder. I have witnessed the problems others have had with dogs from "backyard breeders" and puppy mills.

Higgins with mommySince Wendy's website was an informative site focused on educating people about Bostons, I asked her if she might have a male puppy available. She did, and said I could call her.

I was impressed with Wendy's interest in who I was and what kind of lifestyle I led. She clearly was screening for a responsible owner and a good home. I could tell it was important to her that I had a fenced yard and that I had done extensive research before choosing the breed. Since I was in Massachusetts, and she was in Virginia, she put the puppy on her live webcam for me to see. It was love at first sight.

Higgins with mommyHe was a beautiful brindle with the sweetest face. I was also impressed with the puppy's pedigree. I knew that these were breeders who were serious about producing healthy Bostons of quality. I could tell they cared about their puppies and wanted to make sure they went to the best home possible.

It was decided that we would pick up the puppy at 9 weeks of age. My husband and I drove to Virginia. Wendy and her husband were very friendly and made us feel very comfortable. The house was clean and remarkably quiet. You would never know there were several dogs in the home! We got to meet the puppy's mother and grandmother, who both were very sweet dogs. We spent some time getting our new puppy used to us before we headed home.

Wendy followed up with us after we brought the puppy home. She called to make sure everything was going well. She also was very responsive to my "new mommy" e-mails with questions about "should I do this, what about that?"

Higgins, as we named him, is a sweetie. He's very playful, happy, and loving. He is great with kids and loves to play with other dogs. He is just the type of dog I wanted!"

Craig White, Phoenix, AZ

Craig & Max"I was first introduced to Boston Terriers by a friend who had one. I fell instantly in love with this breed and have wanted to have one of my own for several years. I like the Boston because they are so loving and seem to be almost human to me. My job is in sales and marketing and my interests outside of work include reading, walking and touring around local spots of interests.

I have talked with other folks who have Bostons and knew there were many avenues in which to search for a Boston. I decided to do a search on the internet to find out more information on this breed. I found out about Brindle Hill Bostons on my search for more information on Bostons. What made me decide to look into Brindle Hill more was the tremendous amount of information and knowledge shown on their site. I felt comfortable knowing I was working with someone who has invested a lot of time working with this breed and the tremendous amount of caring that was given to their animals. I did have some reservations at first wondering how much I could really find out about the Boston, but Brindle Hill's site was so helpful that this issue was quickly resolved.

I felt comfortable buying a Boston from Wendy because she was very careful to explain the Boston to me and who a Boston would be good for. This information is also mentioned on her website. Her many years of experience with Bostons provided an added comfort level. It really shows that she cares about her animals and that she wants to make sure they find a happy home. Wendy's home was very clean and the Bostons were well behaved. It's obvious from the behavior of her animals that she takes very good care of them. The atmosphere of their home is pleasant and comfortable and provides a good environment for the dogs.

Wendy and her husband were very professional in the sale of their Boston to me. They took the time to talk with me before the purchase and provided me ample time to get to know their Bostons. Their knowledge about this breed is tremendous and they were so helpful with my questions. The vet Wendy referred me to had nothing but good comments to say about Wendy and her attention to this breed.

Maximus has been such a happy dog since he's been with me. His health checked out fine at the vet and I am in the process of housebreaking him. He is such a good little guy! I would love to buy another Boston from Wendy and would have no problem referring friends of mine who are interested in Bostons to her as well. She was just great to deal with and nothing was more impressive than the love she shows for her Bostons."

Victoria Woodford, Philadelphia, PA

Vicki & Emma"Originally from Great Britain, I had recently bought a new home more than large enough for me, and I had a growing awareness that I'd love to have a dog again for the first time in years. While I was growing up, we had a very sweet Dachshund who lived to age 15, and a wonderful Pug (who maintained his little waistline all his life, unlike most Pugs you see today). So I already had a preference for and experience with smaller dogs. I'd grown up listening to stories of how wonderful my mother's Boston, Bootsie (lived to age 16), was back in the 30's/40's and how intelligent he was, so I just had this feeling that a Boston was for me. Subsequently, I read the "Purebred Puppy Handbook" which my brother-in-law lent to me as it had been so helpful to his family when they bought their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 7 years ago. It was very helpful to me in understanding the importance of a good breeder, the value of the predictability of a well-bred purebred, how to go about finding a breeder, etc. It also confirmed that a Boston had the kind of personality and behavior traits that I was looking for. I am single, work for a large information technology and services company and am lucky enough to work from a home office, so I thought having the company of a dog while I'm here alone all day would really be wonderful.

I spent more than a month doing research on the Internet before contacting anyone. I was cautious and aware that anyone can put up a nice looking web page, but that doesn't translate into a good breeder and healthy dogs meeting the breed standard. I also went to a show where I met an obedience instructor who was also a "breeder broker', (or something along these lines). For a fee, he'd help a buyer find a good source of a dog (had also grown up with a Boston). I considered using his services, but then felt I could do well enough on my own by being a cautious Internet surfer.

I found reasonably early on in my search mentions of Brindle Hill, but no clue as to where they were located. Finally, I found their site at http://www.boston-terriers.com. I felt that their site was genuine, something about the way they wrote about their experiences and the advice they gave suggested to me that they were "for real". Then I stumbled one day on a message saying they had some adult females for sale. I had not formed a requirement to have a puppy and was really very interested in considering adults. Perhaps a week after that, I stumbled on a site mentioning their address and phone number. So I called them, and I could tell by the kinds of questions Wendy asked that she cared deeply about the breed, her dogs, and placing them in suitable homes. We agreed that I would come to visit on the way to Florida to see her older females. Wendy also had a younger female, about 10 months old that she was not sure she wanted to sell. I said I would be interested in the 10 month old if she decided to sell her. I didn't hesitate when Wendy said she'd consider letting Emma go, and drove from Philly that day to Chevy Chase, MD to drop off the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I had babysat for a week, and met Wendy and Emma on my way to Dulles airport. I must have passed muster, because she offered her to me, and I didn't have to think long before saying yes. I felt quite confident that I was very lucky to have found a wonderful source for a Boston.


Wendy's is definitely a home in which the dogs are a vital, central part and are loved. For a house with several dogs, hers is amazingly quiet and controlled. The dogs I had the pleasure to meet were obviously happy and healthy and adore both her and her husband. We met Emma's mother, Neeva, which I was delighted to see. She is beautiful. Her father Stormy wasn't available to be met since he lived in Massachusetts and Canada, but that wasn't an issue (I have since met his owners at a show). Not only did Wendy and her husband both take time to chat, but on what was for her a busy weekend and a rainy afternoon, she took the time to serve tea to my mother and I! I appreciated that effort, and also the fact that it's important not just to meet someone at the door and hand them the dog. Having us there for a little while probably helps to reinforce for Wendy whether she's made a sound choice in agreeing to sell the dog to the person(s) in question.

In the care/instructions department, Wendy's advice was terrific and thorough as is her "BT manual"! It is so important that people realize the commitment they are making and the stress Wendy places on qualifying buyers reinforces that message.

My Emma was in excellent condition and well groomed when I received her, and even with a short-haired dog such as the BT, I know there's a fair bit of effort involved in grooming. I know Wendy has high standards sets for herself in preparing to hand over one of her babies to another family.

I am so very happy with Emma! She has a very sweet personality, just as Wendy told me she did. She became very attached to me very quickly, and missed me terribly when I first went away overnight and had my mother come to stay with her. She now handles my occasional absence very well and accepts her "grandmother" as my stand-in, but I have literally been physically knocked over by her when I have walked in the door on my return.

She has been exposed quickly to a good number of people and dogs as I walk around the small development I live in - 54 units, about 20% of which have dogs. She's very loving and extremely intelligent, of course. She usually has a morning and an afternoon session of sleeping on my lap.......and doesn't voice her opinion during conference calls as she's not a barker (though she sometimes would probably have something more interesting to say than some participants!). She knows the names for different toys, and different dogs, seems to do a lot of thinking and I could swear she has a sense of humour. She loves other dogs, is always leading the charge to engage in play (most successfully with Bella, the Lhasa Apso), and appears to like cats, too. One of my neighbors literally fell in love with her the first time she saw her (and phones to say hello to Emma, not to me!), and many other neighbors are very fond of her, and she of them. She is very nice to people who visit my house, does not bark (I guess that's a mixed blessing, but I shouldn't worry since I didn't acquire a guard dog!). She is of course extremely playful, and we have regular daily play routines that are also a good stress reliever for me. I find that one laughs and smiles a whole lot more having a Boston around every day. Emma is very healthy, has a great appetite! I would certainly buy a dog from Wendy again. Why? I would know what I was getting. Without hesitation, I would recommend Wendy to others seeking a Boston Terrier."

Robert & Susan Grote, Pennsylvania

Windy"My husband and I decided to get a new puppy so our three year Boston Terrier might have some companionship when we are out of the house.

We searched on Yahoo.com by typing the word "boston terrier" in the search box. From several websites returned, our attention was focused on boston-terriers.com which had a link. We contacted the webmaster, Wendy, by e-mail. She replied immediately giving us her telephone number for further questions. Over the phone, Wendy asked us questions about our lifestyle and how we planned to keep the puppy. For example, did we have cats, kids, or other animals? Our answer was NO. She wanted to know if we have a fenced in yard which we said YES. On the other hand, we asked her about her experience raising Boston Terriers, puppies' health, vaccines, worms, and health guarantee. Wendy, the breeder and webmaster, showed us that she had great knowledge about Boston Terriers. She treated us in a professional and ethical manner. Of course, we wanted to see the puppies before making a purchase decision, so she gave us a new internet address where she had the pictures of the puppies. After seeing those wonderful pictures of the whole litter, we decided to go to her home to purchase a female puppy.

At her house, she and her husband greeted us and let us in. We saw our little puppy for the first time. She was as cute as she was on the internet picture, but on the internet we couldn't appreciate how sweet and playful she was, not just with Wendy and her husband, but also with us. Next, we met her parents, Torky and PJ. Then we met the other two male littermates. All puppies and the parents showed an excellent temperament. We had enough time to pet them while the parents were kissing the puppies, just a happy family! We also saw pictures of the father winning a championship show. All dogs were clean and well groomed. Wendy and her husband gave us a bag of puppy food and written instructions on how to take care of our new puppy. Before, we arrived at her house, she recommended a safe crate to transport the puppy. We were amazed at how many new things we learned from her about Boston Terriers.

We have had our new puppy for a month. She is health, playful, and has been adapting to our lifestyle very well. After the purchased was done, Wendy has kept in contact with us. She is always willing to answer our questions by phone or e-mail. Wendy has demonstrated to be a professional, experienced, and ethical breeder who loves, and understands Boston terriers. We strongly recommend a puppy or dog from Wendy."

Dick & Louise Corbin, Bozeman, Montana

Pixie"When we decided to buy a Boston Terrier, it was not surprising to find that there are no breeders in our home state of Montana. I began searching on the internet in earnest in August 1998 and located, among others, the Brindle Hill website. It contained a very professional, detailed description of their breeding program along with photographs of breeding stock. We were impressed by what we saw and sent an e-mail to Wendy asking if she had any young adults available.

As luck would have it, Pixie, our high-energy, 14 lb. bundle of joy, was for sale. But first, we had to pass Wendy's screening. She rigorously questioned me about our lifestyle, our home, and our other animals (a Bouvier des Flandres, a declawed cat and 10 Llamas). Apparently we passed, because we have had Pixie with us for almost two years now.

Transporting Pixie from Virginia to Montana was the next issue; at the time, there was a major heatwave in much of the U.S., and most airlines were only accepting dogs for travel in the cabin. Fortunately, my husband had a business trip scheduled to Washington, D.C. and would be able to bring her back with him. Wendy loaned us a Sherpa bag for the trip and made sure that Pixie had been introduced to it in advance. Pixie travelled like a pro, remaining quiet during the flights and pranced proudly around Salt Lake City airport for all to admire. Wendy had also prepared for us a written record of Pixie's background, medical history, feeding schedule and suggestions for care and handling. This made it very easy for us to help Pixie adjust quickly to life in Big Sky country. She is a happy, loving, healthy, well-adjusted Montana BT , and we cannot imagine the house without her. Yes, she wears a red bandana around her neck, and no, she does not like Montana winters!

In summary, we felt that we were working with a caring, knowledgeable breeder whose primary concern was the welfare and happiness of her animals and ensuring that we, the new owners, had all the support we needed. It was a pleasure dealing with Wendy at Brindle Hill. We still correspond periodically with her and keep her posted on Pixie's antics."

Michael Gallagher, Sacramento, California

Betty "I first found the Brindle Hill homepage through one of the internet search engines when I was researching health issues. Betty Wendy had a first rate site and I was impressed with her dedication to breeding wonderful Bostons. When it came time for me to get another Boston Terrier, I immediately thought of Wendy and went to her site. I was thrilled to find that she had a beautiful little female looking for a home! I contacted Wendy and we talked for at least an hour! She answered all kinds of questions for me and helped me decide that a Boston was the right dog for me. She told me all about Betty's lines and personality. She helped me pick out a crate and select a good diet. And of course - TOYS! Bostons need lots of toys to keep them busy and Wendy even told me all about the different types.

Betty was 1 year old and was located here in California, staying with a couple who also breed and show Bostons. I drove 6 hours down the coast to pick her up. She was well worth the trip! Betty is king around here. It didn't take her long to move in and make my other dog her loyal subject. They play together and nap together and keep me company all day ('cause I work at home). Even my vet is in love with Betty. I brought her in for quick once over and to set up an appointment to have her fixed and my vet was delighted. She said that Betty was the most evenly tempered and well-dispositioned Boston she'd ever met, and that Betty beat out most other small breeds as well in that department."

Kay & Michael Wood, Williamsburg, VA

QuigleyMy husband & I have been Boxer breeders for 15 years. We raised them for show and pets and they are a wonderful breed. As we got older and my husband had some heart problems (& our Boxers started to pass on), we decided to downsize our dogs.

When we lost our beautiful Champion Boxer "Chief", our hearts were so broken we thought life had stopped. Mike & I had always liked Boston Terriers, so our search began. My sister has had Bostons for a long time and I gave her a call (she lives in Lincoln, Nebraska). When she gave me the breeder's name & phone number I called. She told me she had no puppies, asked me which area we lived in and gave me some names.

The first breeder I called, never returned my call, the second one was very nasty, and the third name was Wendy's. I called Wendy. She was very nice on the phone, and we talked for some time. She told me that she just had a litter born, but they would not be ready for some time. We discussed my Boxers, and spoke of why I wanted a Boston. My first thought was, "I am a breeder and really know what I want". As we continued to talk, I realized I was on the other side of the fence - we had not purchased a dog for some 15 years and Wendy didn't know a thing about us - now I had to let her get to know me.

Our conversation continued and I felt really good knowing another breeder wanted the best for her puppies, good homes, good people, and someone who really cared. We went and got a Boston Terrier book and started to read. By the next time I spoke to Wendy, I was ready to come up and pick out our boy. Wendy said, "you will have to wait - puppies cannot be seen for about 6-8 weeks". My heart sank.

As time went by and I continued to talk to Wendy, sand he suggested we look at her website and read more about her & her Bostons. That was fine, but I had never seen a Boston puppy and was anxious. Wendy said "get on the site and I will show you the kids on the live webcam". On we went and the Puppies were just great - now to make up our minds which one - we knew we wanted a boy, but the girl was really cute. We told Wendy we would be ok with a boy or a girl - we already had a name picked out - Quigley Under Foot. Great name for a great dog.

When it was time to go and visit the puppies, I could hardly wait - we went up on a Sunday thinking we would only spend one hour with Wendy and her husband, but boy were we wrong! When we got there we were asked to wash our hands before holding any of the puppies - of course we had no problem with that. When she came out with the puppies we were in 7th heaven. They were just beautiful. We felt like we were part of the family, the house was clean and the puppies were spotless. Wendy and her husband are great people, they care about their dogs and where they are going. We decided on a boy and left a deposit with Wendy and was on our way home to get ready for our new Quigley.

This has been such a great experience, meeting Wendy & her husband-- they are really great people and Quigley is the greatest - very smart, great temperament and I am so grateful that I found Wendy and her Bostons. I would buy another dog from Wendy and so would my friends. We dearly love Quigley and so do our two Boxer girls Sadie & Cally.

Thanks Wendy for our great little Boston Quigley. You & your husband will always be a part of our family, and yes I will give him a kiss from his other Mommie.

Below are more photos of our dogs with their new owners over the years. Unfortunately, I lost touch with some of these folks after they moved.

Bob & Susan Howard with "Tootsie"
Wilma & Rainer Vieth with "Vicki"
Katie, Maureen & Liz Ryan with "Reilly"
Debbie Rauh with "Millie"
Jeff Galkin with "Herschel"
Lt. Col. Robert Maddocks & family (Germany)
with "Julius" (right)
The Palermos with "Smoky"
Nicole Vikan with
Elizabeth Brown with "Oreo"
Patti King flew from Texas to Washington DC to pick up "Tucker Joe" on Valentine's Day
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