"Connor" is Brady's brother and Hollyn's son.
He's a sound and sweet boy who is already pointed.


Ch Flashpoints Cosmic Ray ROM XXXI Ch Motif's Chance For Justice Ch Flashpoints Justice For All  Ch Roobarb's Fat Albert 
Ch Flashpoint's Amazin Grace 
Polser's Trace Of Rudy  Ch Brandy's Polser's Valentino 
Miller's Top Hand 
Ch Flashpoints The Cat's Meow Ch Sunwoods Congressman R.O.M.  Ch El-Bo Frontier Legend R.O.M. 
Good Time Classic Melody
Ch Roobarb's Hot Diggity  Ch Beacons Do-Go Sunny Of Sabe
Ch Gimps Hot Roobarb
Elite's Miss Hollywood  Ch Anchor's And Ml's Northern Light DNA tested by AHT/England - does not carry the gene for Juvenile Cataracts.  Ch Krak-Mont's Final Edition  Ch Abacab Encore's Grand Finale
Krak-Mont's Presious Charms 
Ch Lejoy's And Anchor's Fascination Ch M L's Match Maker
Ch M L's Luv Is Morning Glory
Elite Hollywood Biker Chick CERF  Ch Special Spudsie Baileys Boy  Ch Justamere's Klassic Tiny Tim
Staley's Foxy Katie 
Elite Agatha Of The Orient  Ch Elite Good Taste And Decorum 
Ch Elite Command's Sultry Siren CERF 

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