Stepping Up To The Plate!

~ Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. at 9 Months ~
Winners Dog Boston Terrier Club of New York 2/12/05
Best of Winners Boston Terrier Club of New York 2/13/05

~ Brady Videos at the bottom of the page ~

  • CERF clear Dr. Seth Koch
  • Normal Patellas
  • BAER tested bilateral hearing 6/2005
  • April 2006 - DNA tested by Animal Health Trust in England for hereditary juvenile cataracts
    AHT #BJ13 - RESULT: Clear (non-carrier)
  • OFA hips: Good
  • OFA Cardiac 8-28-08 (normal)
  • Spine normal as per OFA's evaluation (no hemivertebrae or other abnormalities - copy on request)
  • Trachea - normal - wide and well-defined. A nice wide trachea means excellent air movement with minimal stress on heart and lungs and no labored breathing, very important in this breed.
  • CHIC #33267. See all his registered health clearances here
  • Inbreeding coefficient in first 6 generations: 0.1%
  • Breeder/Owner: Brindle Hill's Elite Bostons

    Brady is the sire of the 2011 BTCA National Specialty BOB winner who
    is a top 2 Boston! Check out the page for the "Brady kids" here.

    My "son" Brady :-) started his show career with a bang, going WD/BOW and BOB over a special from the 6-9 month puppy class - then he was pulled in the group! Brady is a nice mover who loves to show and loves to meet and greet every person and dog at the shows. He is almost a reincarnation of his great-great maternal grandmother Ch. Elite Command's Sultry Siren. In Feb. , he went on to conquer the Big Apple, going WD at the first and BOW at the second prestigous Boston Terrier Club of New York specialty shows, gaining 2 4-point majors. Brady picked up another 2 points April 10 at the Chesapeake KC, and finished with his third major on May 22, his first birthday. Brady did really well considering he was only shown a few times! Thanks to our good friends Jeri Good, Chad Howard and of course my husband Joe who all helped me to reach my goals with Brady. Here's a picture of my husband holding him at the Hotel Pennsylvania Feb 13 after his New York wins and a candid while taking his official picture:

    ~ Brady is unretouched in these photos ~

    Brady winning Chesapeake KC at 10 mo.

    Brady finishing (and squinting from the very sunny day) on his

    Here's Brady's first show - 6-9 puppy Best Of Breed over special

    Here's newborn Brady on the right -
    we knew right away he was going to be special!

    Brady is "All Boston", just the way we like them!

    Here are some video clips of Brady:

    Turn Your Speakers On :-)

    Offspring From 7 Litters:

    Ch. Elite's Noble Ties That Bind
    Ch. Tam-Ra's Mega Millionaire, BTCA National Specialty BOB winner, 2011
    Ch. Wy-Not's Importance of Being Earnest, CD, RN, NA, NAJ
    Ch. Anchor's And Tarbay's Elite Humdinger
    Ch. Tara's Everyday Situation
    Can. Ch. BigRock N' Elite's Deal Me In
    Can. Ch. BigRocks Elite Hip 2 B Square
    Ch. Chaseland's Parisian Charm
    Ch. Chaseland's Cameron Cole
    Tam-Ra's Elite Rock Star


    Sire: Ch Flashpoints Cosmic Ray ROM XXXXII Ch Motif's Chance For Justice Ch Flashpoints Justice For All  Ch Roobarb's Fat Albert 
    Ch Flashpoint's Amazin Grace 
    Polser's Trace Of Rudy  Ch Brandy's Polser's Valentino 
    Miller's Top Hand 
    Ch Flashpoints The Cat's Meow Ch Sunwoods Congressman R.O.M.  Ch El-Bo Frontier Legend R.O.M. 
    Good Time Classic Melody
    Ch Roobarb's Hot Diggity  Ch Beacons Do-Go Sunny Of Sabe
    Ch Gimps Hot Roobarb
    Dam: Elite's Miss Hollywood  Ch Anchor's And Ml's Northern Light Ch Krak-Mont's Final Edition  Ch Abacab Encore's Grand Finale
    Krak-Mont's Presious Charms 
    Ch Lejoy's And Anchor's Fascination Ch M L's Match Maker
    Ch M L's Luv Is Morning Glory
    Elite Hollywood Biker Chick CERF  Ch Special Spudsie Baileys Boy  Ch Justamere's Klassic Tiny Tim
    Staley's Foxy Katie 
    Elite Agatha Of The Orient  Ch Elite Good Taste And Decorum 
    Ch Elite Command's Sultry Siren CERF 

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